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Our consulting services

Company development


Organizational Development

Managing change in a pro-active way is a permanent challenge for managers as well as every staff member in profit- as well as non-profit organizations.

We offer and design with you the necessary range of interventions that will support your organization to anticipate and face requirements for change. It is our focus to strengthen your resources for self-development and minimize external dependence.

Our services focus on

  • Initiating and supporting change managment-processes with a strong participation of the stakeholders affected

  • Consulting for strategic personnel development programs

  • Planning and implementing project management systems

  • Conducting seminars and trainings for specific target groups to foster personal as well as social and methodological skills

  • Facilitating workshop on strategic, structural or team development

  • Supproting team development processes

Feedback systems

Our questionnaires help you to manage changes to your organization efficiently and in accordance with your specific requirements.

Our feedback systems provide your organization with a needs-based synergy between various data collection tools and procedures for results reporting.

We employ these feedback systems to support your company development, to identify challenges and to provide a continuous evaluation of strategic, structural, and cultural issues. This includes:

  • conducting employee surveys

  • analyzing work relations

  • 360° - feedback

  • feedback for managers

  • customer relations survey

Workshop moderation

We plan and facilitate your workshops on strategic, structural and cultural development of your company, institute or organizational unit. Our procedure includes the following steps:

  • goal setting with the process owner

  • interviewing stakeholders to establish requirements

  • coordinating with the client

  • developing the workshop design

  • moderating the workshop

  • conducting a post-workshop analysis with the client

  • supporting the implementation of follow-up measures where required.

Personnel development


Team building

There is a growing recognition that complex tasks require collaboration in inter-disciplinary, often international and virtual teams.
We improve the team member's ability to take on clear responsibility, to organize processes independently, to communicate with fairness, and to deal with conflict appropriately. At the same time, we support teams in making the best use of their resources and skill set to satisfy their customers and provide high performance.
Depending on specific circumstances including team objectives, the development status of your group, or the complexity of the task, we can help you to influence team development in a variety of ways:

  • team diagnosis

  • team building workshops

  • indoor and outdoor team training

  • team coaching

  • developing high-performing team

  • improving the team´s cross-cultural competencies and fostering acceptance of diverity

  • establishing feedback systems, such as team and customer surveys


Professionalism at work means doing the right things in the right way. This is an ambitious goal, but also a realistic one. In order to meet these requirements, we provide specialists and managers with the opportunity to confront the specific challenges of their professional role.

Coaching fosters personal development in a professional context. Coaching is a particularly intensive form of learning and allows you to make substantial improvements to your working practices.

The main function of coaching off-the-job is to provide the opportunity to reflect on and plan alternative courses of action. The coaching process is at its most effective when complemented by coaching on-the-job during which the coach accompanies the coachee in real-life situations to deliver relevant feedback.

Depending on the goals set with our clients, we provide the following forms of coaching:

  • individual coaching

  • group coaching

  • team coaching

  • monitoring the introduction of peer counselling



Management training

Managers in their role as superiors take a decisive function in the success of their employees. They serve as role models, whether willingly or unwillingly. Their conduct and attitudes influence the behavior of their employees and so determine the success of the company.

We create a learning environment in our management training courses, which brings together intellectual, interpersonal, and practical skills. Managers who can see the effect they have on colleagues and who are willing to take a positive lead in using the full repertoire of management tools, will also be able to motivate others in performing exceptional tasks.

The integrated approach of our training courses and the intensive feedback sessions on individual conduct provide participants with new impulses for their personal development.We provide training at all management levels of your company or at specific management target group such as junior managers on a variety of topic areas including:

  • communicating as a manager

  • using management tools

  • seeing managers as agents of change

  • management by objectives and ey results

  • managing conflict

  • leading teams

  • lateral leadership

Methodological training

The success of your activity depends in no small part on the methodology you use. To work efficiently and effectively you need to do the right things in an adequate way. Equally, methodological know-how is only worthwhile if those seeking to apply it can integrate it directly into their own working practices.

Our training provides you with the methodology skills relevant to your existing knowledge and attitudes.
This means that we take a practical approach and we consider the requirements of the particular field.

The only way to gain real experience in applied methodology is to put it into practice, which is why our integrated methodology training provides ongoing and varied practice opportunities.

We provide methodology seminars on the following topics:

  • Conflict management

  • Negotiating skills

  • Problem solving techniques

  • Presentation

  • Moderation

  • Time and self management and personal organization

  • Training as internal consultants

  • Train-the-trainer seminars

  • Customer-oriented dialog management

  • Remote and virtual communication

Project management training

In times of rapid change, project management and multi-project management provide structured methods for flexible, objective oriented activities.

We help you to develop and implement guidelines for effective project management. We analyze your regulatory requirements and recommend tried and tested methods and tools. We then use training sessions and workshops to share this knowledge both with project leads, sub-project leads and project team members, as well as with project owners responsible for contracting out projects and line managers designating employees to work as part of the project team.

In every aspect of our consulting role, we are committed to the standards specified by recognized institutions such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V. (GPM), the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Personnel development
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